• About Us

  • Our mission is to promote the overall mental health of America by connecting affected families or individuals with highly beneficial resources and information. We are a nonprofit resource which is driven by a commitment to secure the most critical part of overall of your well-being; your mental health. We aim to achieve this through the provision of counseling for all ages, specially designed programs for substance abuse and behavioral disorders, and prevention services, including interventions for those at risk. Being firm believers of recovery and rehabilitation and having support from some of the country‚Äôs most prestigious treatment organizations, we execute an integrated care system which makes use of distinct treatment approaches to assure that people regain the joys of their life. We, as a team, work in the best of our capacity to reach out to anyone and everyone who desires to live a healthy life. Our years of hard work have been dedicated to composing significant resource which would help you locate medical care within few miles of where you live, thus promising ultimate comfort to the people. Geometric Vision has given a ray of hope to many lost in the dark or the ones who have shared and the pain of their family or friends suffering from the debilitating illnesses.

    It is unfortunate that people, despite acquiring help for their mental health; either do not get or cannot find effective treatment because of not knowing where to start. With the help of our primary care health professionals and our team of counselors, you can educate yourself about the illness and the necessary steps to follow in times of distress. So if you find yourself or your loved in such a crisis, needing immediate support and intervention, or if you require general information on mental health, be sure to call at 866-926-1149 to speak to one of our trained crisis workers or you should visit the official Geometric vision website, equipped with treatment locator service and a detailed information on the services we take pride in offering. Your confidential and toll-free calls will be automatically directed to our nearest centers available on the Geometric vision network. Not only will these centers cater you for your mental health treatment needs but also provide crisis counseling. However, in cases of extreme emergencies call 911 or immediately seek hospital care if the situation is potentially life-threatening.